Why play Bridge?  Apparently, Bridge is one of the best ways to practice the "use it or lose it" advice for maintaining mental sharpness in older age. Research has shown that regular bridge playing improves reasoning skills and long- and short-term memory.  You'll feel the neurons firing not only while you play, but long after.  Many players say that hours after a bridge game, they still feel mentally alert and energized, similar to the "high" that long-distance runners experience after a race.   According to studies at the University of California, playing Bridge measurably strengthens the immune system - there‚Äôs an incentive to start playing!

Berri U3A rooms: Fridays at 9.30am.

Contact Brent via email on:  bkmorrell@bigpond.com

or by phone: 8586 5235. 

Prerequisites: Membership of U3A Riverland.