~ tai chi - LOXTON  ~

Tutor: Erika Davey

Course Content: 1 hour session consisting of warm up, Chi Qong and 'Lotus' exercises with a short tea break midway and finishing with quiet relaxation. Formal teaching of exercises at start of the year, but these can be easily picked up if you join later. No requisite to attend weekly.

Times: Monday 11-12 noon and 2-3pm, Thursday 7-8pm ongoing.

Venue: CWA, Kokoda Terrace, Loxton.

Number of students per session: 15 (max).

Student Prerequisites: Membership U3A Riverland.

Register your interest / Contact: email: erikadav90@gmail.com  phone: 85847823

Any student expense: $2 per session (for Hall Hire).

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