~ RAKU ~

 Ancient Japanese Pottery Tradition

Tutor: Ed Cottam

Course content: Raku is an ancient Japanese traditional pottery.  It uses unusual techiques to produce beautiful pots with a great deal of serendipity involved which adds to the excitement.  Basically the pots, usually small bowls, are constructed from clay.  These pots are then fired and cooled in the kiln,  producing spectacular colours and flashes in the glaze.  Its great fun.

Venue: Glossop

Next course: Email Ed, he will advise you when complex arrangements for this activity are finalised.

Days/Times: TBA

Course Duration: TBA.  2 Afternoon Sessions to explore the concept.

Number of students per session: TBA

Prerequisites: TB A. + Membership of U3A Riverland.

Register your interest / Contact: ejcottam@hotkey.net.au

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