Snooker is a cue sport played using a cue and 22 coloured balls. It mostly is played as a great pastime activity. Like any other game, the more you practice, the better you get, and a game of snooker can help improve our life skills and balance our body and mind.

A game of snooker requires concentration and this helps you to build the habit of concentrating on your daily tasks as well. In this game, players focus on striking the cue ball (white ball), the correct angle to hit the cue ball, your posture at the table and the angle the target ball will move after being hit. All of this needs attention to detail which will help your mind grow sharper and improve your concentration.

A game of snooker involves about an hour of easy walking around the snooker table. This gives the body all the benefits of walking up to 1 kilometre with the added advantage that this doesn’t strain you, as a continuous walk or run might, but derives the same benefits. A game of snooker involves stretching activity which helps make the body flexible and will also help tone up the leg muscles & hindquarters.

According to a recent study, snooker helps develop life skills as well. It was observed that the players wouldn’t panic easily during a crisis. They don’t lose control, and concentrate on the relevant facts to overcome a problem. Playing this game regularly resulted in sharpening their minds. The way players analyze the situation, the calculation involved in the game all help the mind think faster. This game summons a player’s imagination and problem-solving skills along with spontaneity which in turn improves the critical thinking skills. All without you realising it while you are having fun!

Tutors: Terry Marter & Brent Morrell

Content: Social Snooker. Players & Beginners welcome (Non-members OK for first week or two). Basic tuition available.

Venue:  Berri RSL. Strawbridge Street. (off Wilson St).

Days/Times:  Wednesdays 9.30am - 12-ish.  (Can stay longer).

Prerequisites: Membership of U3A Riverland. Membership form available Here!

Cost: Free, but Weekly gold coin in RSL donation box is encouraged.

To register your interest please contact:

Terry tlmarter@bigpond.com  or 0427 618 145.
Brent bkmorrell@bigpond.com or 8586 5325.